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Remote monitoring of energy consumption

You can see the consumption of electricity, water, gas via the Internet, from anywhere in the world.
Analyze, validate, compare, and easily generate reports for any time period (day, week, month, year).
Install the remote control air conditioning, heating, any device.
Setting the optimal temperature. Inclusion on schedule.
Control with touch-screen, from your Smartphone or any computer.
Does not require cables.
Achieved savings of up to 50%
The ideal solution for putting homes for rent.

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Installation of fiber-optical communication lines. Fusion splice. Repair

High-quality execution of works:
Installation of optical cross
Installation of optical coupling
Repair of fiber optic communication lines
Use only top grade equipment (Fujikura FSM-50S), ensuring minimal loss of weld.
Control of weld.
Outcall 24/7
Cost of connection from 14 euro

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Measurement of fiber-optic communication lines

Carrying out a set of measurements to assess the quality and condition of the fiber-optic communication line:
Quality control of connections after mounting works
Measurement of the total attenuation and damping at each site
Search for faulty and defective connections
Identification of irregularities and defects
Insulation resistance measurement
Calculation of budget lines
Using equipment of higher class (Yokogawa AQ7275)

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Preparation of documentation for fiber-optic communication lines

Prepare necessary documents:
Cable magazine
The Act of measuring the insulation resistance
Passport for fiber optic communication line
Line length calculation
Measurement Protocol

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Selection of ways to protect property

Selection of ways to protect property


1. Prevention of theft and property damage

2. indemnification at the incident

Let's consider a concise analysis of the ways to protect property:

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Replacement analog video to HD CVI 1MP Internet connection

Do you have you an analogue CCTV system on 4 cameras?
Do you want to improve the quality and view the image on a cell phone?
Is laying a new cable to each camera impractical for you?
We offer you replacement equipment without replacing the cable!

The cost of equipment and the replacement from € 550

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A hidden system of monitoring visits to your home

Invisible control for your house

If you want to control of the House in your absence, we will install the warning system about opening doors. In door discreetly installed detectors, and your mobile phone receives an SMS message. All equipment is installed so that there is only you know. Upon termination of the necessary notifications, you can disable just remotely by phone. The system can be used for remote control of your property if its lease.

The cost of equipment and installation from € 870

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Billing and management system. Software solution for the last mile operators

Billing and management system. Software solution for the last mile operators

A simple and reliable system for managing customers, designed for automated accounting of the prepaid period. At the end of the paid period, the system generates a warning and then blocking the connection.
Composition and description of a software product:
- performs authentication, authorization, accounting, using the RADIUS protocol
- individual development of tariff plans
- automatic blocking of service upon expiration of funds on the client's account
- manual locking and unlocking client
- NAS server management on the WEB interface

The cost of installing and configuring will be from € 1500

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Fixed city phone number of any country in your home

Do you have international business with territorial distribution? Are You an employee with a remote workstation? Do You need national fixed city phone number For the convenience of your clients?
The development of information technology allows you to have a number of national landline anywhere in the world. You have a possibility to use a landline phone with national number anywhere. Phone can be transferred to a new work place without replacing landlines. An important requirement is the availability of high-quality and stable connection to the Internet.

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