Software development for telecom operators and service providers

Each operator interested in optimizing the services provided, and save staff time.

There is a need for automation of the processes for managing users. Youneed anaccountpaidtimeandbilling.

The Subscriber needs to have information on the applicable tariff, paid time, which organized access to personal cabinet. In addition, any operator network equipment automated control, optimum and effective use of existing capacities. Our specialists have extensive experience training and billing software, automated management of network resource programmers, programmer of access to personal information (personal cabinets). To control all processes designed WEB interface, accessible from both the internal network and from the external Internet.


       There are also the following decisions:


 • 1.1 hardware-software complex data flow management based on server hardware

 • 1.2 the hardware-software complex for authorization and authentication of users based on the RADIUS protocol

 • 1.3 Installing NAS servers

 • 1.4 class AAA servers Installation

 • 1.5 the hardware-software complex automated management and accounting period paid subscribers

 • 1.6 the hardware-software complex traffic accounting

 • 1.7 the hardware-software complex subscriber rate-limiting

 • 1.8 the hardware-software complex billing (calculation of the cost of the used traffic)

 • 1.9 the hardware-software complex alerts the operator when the payment period expires

 • 1.10 the hardware-software complex of Subscriber's personal account

 • 1.11 array Formation subscribers

 • 1.12 database management subscribers

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