Provision of Internet access services at speeds of 100 megabits per second and more

Network Telecom operators are most commonly built on equipment that is available to share. As the environment is broadband channel in the 5 GHz range. Oversaturation of sharing equipment creates mutual interference. Speed channel will not predictably vary. Domestic equipment class, as a rule, not supplied with high-quality filters that creates interference. Effective speed data frequencies have a finite value. 

Under Spanish law, in the field of communications


Ley 9-2014 de 9 de mayo General de Telecomunicaciones,


Cuadro nacional de atribución de frecuencias 787 2013,


and taking into account the vast experience, we have developed an optimal solution, which allows you to get data transfer rate up to 300 Mbps. VectaStar Gigabit equipment are used. The solution involves connecting Base Stations of cellular communications, equipment operators, corporate clients, shopping and Commercial Centers, as well as any contacts, for which reliable and fast Internet is critically important. Effective solution will connect condominiums, with the subsequent transmission of Internet traffic. This solution can be used for last mile telecommunications operators. A decision on the presence of technical possibility of connection to the Internet can be taken only after the test object.

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