Measurement of technical parameters of optical communication lines. Troubleshooting

Using optical lines due to the low cost cable, high speed data transfer, low power, high quality, high transmission range, high jamming immunity. The quality of work of optical lines depends on many technical parameters. Higher demands on the quality of connections. For maintenance of high technological optical equipment requires high qualification of the staff. Inadditionspecializedequipmentisneeded.

The advantages of fiber-optical communication lines:


Bandwidth-due to the extremely high frequency carrier 1014 GHz. It gives the potential for transmission over a single optical fiber flow of information in a few Terabits per second. Much bandwidth is one of the most important advantages of optical fiber over copper or any other medium of communication.


A small light signal attenuation in fiber-manufactured at present industrial optical fiber has attenuation 0.2-0.3 dB at a wavelength of 1.55 µm per kilometer. Low attenuation and low dispersion allow building sections of lines without the relay up to 100 km or more.


Low noise level-allows increasing bandwidth by transferring the modulation signals with a small redundant code.


High noise immunity fiber made of dielectric material; it is impervious to electromagnetic interference from the surrounding copper cabling systems and electrical equipment capable of inducing electromagnetic radiation (power lines, electric propulsion installation etc.). The multi-fiber cables are also not a problem of cross influence of electromagnetic radiation inherent multi-pair copper cables.


Low weight and volume-have less weight and volume compared to copper cables per the same throughput. For example, 900-pair telephone cable with a diameter of 7.5 cm can be replaced with a fiber with a diameter of 0.1 cm. If fiber "dress up" in a multitude of protective shells and cover steel tape armor, the diameter of this fiber channel will be 1.5 cm, which is several times less than the reporting telephone cable.


High security against unauthorized access-practically not radiates radio frequency energy, transmitted to him the information difficult to eavesdrop, without violating the trips. Monitoring system (continuous monitoring) integrity of optic communication line, using high sensitivity fiber properties, can instantly turn off broken communication channel and sound the alarm. Sensory systems that use interference effects distributed light signals (as for different fibers and different polarization) have a very high sensitivity to fluctuations in slight variations in pressure. Such systems are particularly necessary when creating lines of communication with data protection requirements.


Galvanic isolation of the network elements-is its insulating property. Fiber helps to avoid electric "ground" loops, which can occur when two network devices network computing network copper cable, have grounding in the various parts of the building, for example, on different floors. This can result in a large potential difference, which can damage the network equipment. Nosuchproblemforfiber.

Explosion-and fire-no sparks, increases network security at chemical, oil refineries, while servicing of technological processes of high risk.


Economical fiber made of quartz, which is silicon dioxide, widespread, and therefore inexpensive material, in contrast to copper. Currently, the cost of fiber relative to the copper pair relates how 2:5. While fiber-optic channel allows you to transmit signals at much greater distance without relay. The number of repeaters on the long lines is reduced when using fiber-optic channels. When using Solitary transmission systems«solitary wave» achieved range 4000 km without regeneration (i.e. only using optical amplifiers at intermediate nodes) at a speed of transfer above 10 Gbit/s.


Long time fiber undergoes degradation, fading in onto the tail is gradually increasing. However, thanks to the excellence of modern production technologies of optical fibers, this process greatly slowed down, and the lifespan of optical fiber communication channel is approximately 25 years. During this time several generations may change standards transmitter-receiver systems.


Remote power supply. In some cases you want to remote site power information network. Optical fiber is not capable of performing the duties of the power cable. However, in these cases, you can use a cable when mixed together with optical fibers cable is equipped with a copper conductive element.


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