Installation, maintenance, repair, upgrading Video surveillance systems

       1.The modern CCTV systems use the following technologies:

A. analog cameras and analog video recorders. Allow you to get the picture quality VGA (640 x 480 up to 960H), which is only suitable for general review. The resulting image is practically not reliably identify the person. Cameras and video recorders are not high cost. Technology is applicable if no higher demands.


B. video cameras with digital signal processing and transmission of video over the network using IP protocols (TCP/UDP). The technology allows you to upload an image of high quality. For recording high-quality images need larger disk device. To transfer the image, you need a network cable category 5 and switching devices.


C. technology HD-CVI, HD-TVI appeared relatively recently. Through the use of carrier frequency of 750 MHz, managed to convey an image of high quality coaxial cable for distances up to 200 meters. The use of technology, HD-CVI, HD-TVI assumes economy transition to video with high quality images without replacing the existing coaxial cable lines. Technology HD-CVI, HD-TVI gives significant savings if the object already has an analog video system, and laying new wires for IP cameras is impossible or impractical. Modernization of old video is produced without replacing the coaxial cable. Change only the video cameras and video recorders.


All modern video systems provide for viewing video with your phone, tablet or PC remotely via the Internet. Some video systems enable you to remotely view video archive. 

       2.Our specialists are ready to provide services and to perform the following kinds of works:

• 2.1. Check out the object. A survey object. The issuing of recommendations in accordance with customer requirements. Choice of tactics of protection

• 2.2. Equipment selection

• 2.3. Calculation of the cost of equipment

• 2.4. Calculation of the cost of installation and commissioning

• 2.5. Working papers for the production of papers

• 2.6. Acquisition of equipment

• 2.7. Erection works

• 2.8. Carrying out of starting-up and adjustment works

• 2.9. Preparation of as-built documentation

• 2.10. Letting the user systems

• 2.11. Briefing

• 2.12. Survey of previously installed systems

• 2.13. Recovery documentation on previously installed systems

• 2.14. Repair of installed systems

• 2.15. Modernization of installed systems

• 2.16. Service systems

• 2.17. Wiping optics

• 2.18. Battery replacement

• 2.19. Migrating a previously installed equipment


Warranty work performed is one year