Installation, maintenance, repair, upgrading security and fire alarm systems

Protection systems are designed to detect violations of protected zone by fixing the status change detectors. There are many security detectors, based on different physical principles commit the changes the status of a protected zone. 

       Most common are the following: 

 • change the position of the protected design by separating the two parts of the detector, magnetic contact detectors. Used to block opening designs (windows, doors, skylights). It is based on the principle of changing the State of a hermetic contact when approaching a magnet. 

 • infrared background change-protected zone. Every living organism has a natural thermal radiation. When prompted in the protected zone of any living being is changing the natural thermal background. The detector responds to changing thermal (infrared) background. This type of detector can protect the inner space and outer territory. 

 • there are also detectors create targeted segments (curtains) for perimeter protection. There is a PARADOX development, providing protection of perimeter Street. One detector protects the 24 meter external border of the plot. 

 • fixation of ultrasonic waves occur when breaking down the glass. The type of detectors allows you to determine whether the destruction of the glass surfaces in the perimeter zone. 

 • fixing the particles of smoke in the air, caught the light filter. The type of detectors allows you to define the beginning of smoke in the perimeter zone 

 • changes in temperature above 72 degrees. Detector type allows you to define a temperature rise inside the building in fire. 

 • vibration and changes the positioning within the space has changed. Detector type enables you to determine the ultimate impact on the protected design and getting traffic. Detectors mounted on the walls, floor, ceiling, on the surface, bordering the unguarded area where possible penetration by parsing or break capital structures. Detector set at a particularly valuable items. It is possible to install in safe.


Just used water and gas leak detectors. 

       According to the type of reaction to the violation of protected zone alarm have the following algorithms: 

 • submission of a light and sound signal. Is used to attract the attention of neighbors and scare away intruders.

 • initiate the phone call to the owner or trustee. After dialing, voice system tells pre-recorded message. 

 • send SMS messages to the owner or trustee. The message contains information about fixing violations. 

 • sending e-mail to the owner or trustee. The message contains information about fixing violations. 

 • send a message to the Security Service. Typically, the remote sends the information through multiple channels of communication. 

For example: a telephone line, cellular phone and Internet. The message is sent in the form of special codes.


       On the channel type of transfer of disturbing and informational messages: 

 • Telephone line signaling systems connects to your home telephone line. To send alarming and information messages used to dial on preprogrammed numbers. The system can make a call to the Security Service, the owner. In addition, the owner can call home and listen to the sounds inside. The owner can initiate a dialogue on speakerphone. 

 • Built-in modem, cellular connection uses one or two SIM cards of mobile operator. The system sends SMS messages to numbers in memory installed. Usually on the phone owner and trustee. Used in the same way as the duplicate channel to send messages to the remote operator. Perhaps listening to sound environment at the site. 

 • Internet connection is used to connect to the Internet. The system sends a message to the Security Service or on the owner's e-mail address. The connection allows you to fully manage your security system and home automation systems remotely from your phone or tablet. When the detector you can browse videos or series of shots. 

The most simple and inexpensive is a channel using a cellular modem. When the detector is triggered and event occurs (disarm, arming, power outage, battery) the owner will be sent an SMS message. When setting the system to the remote security firm, uses multiple channels of communication. 

According to the type of tactics of withdrawal and arming: 

Set secret code on the keyboard. Wall keypad installed indoors near the exit. Arming and disarming running set of unique code. Preferably, that each family member has their own code. This fact allows to remotely determine who a family member is at home. Replacing the keyboard is the preferred option. 

Wireless remote controls and electronic keys. Using the remote and electronic keys reduces the level of security. Remote control and electronic key, you can lose, thereby ensuring an attacker access to the premises. Also need periodic battery replacement. 

Removing and placing the protection of using a mobile phone. Special programs installed on your phone, will allow to remotely manage the staging system. This feature greatly expands the capabilities of the system. 

For convenience, you may use all three modes simultaneously. For example, using an application on your mobile phone, you can remotely run the officer serving the firms inside the premises, not passing the secret code opening. Thus, without risking the disclosure of code and exception of copying electronic key. On many systems a remote listening function and browsing the State of the object by using your phone. 

By connection type detectors, keyboards, sirens: 

Wired Connection system detectors, keyboards, sirens manufactured by cable. Route wires is determined at the design stage. Cabling is carried out during the construction of the building, while repairs are carried out, or is carried out in special embedded elements. Equipment connection cable is the most secure and reliable way. Requires considerable development costs of the project, and the cabling in building constructions. If the installation is in already used indoors, careful route planning. When laying partially destroyed elements of finishing drilling occurs. After cable laying requires incorporation and cover-up. Use a wired connection method is preferred. 

Radio canal systems if done indoors decoration, not with cable and drilling holes, apply wireless way to connect devices. In this case, the signal from the detector or other device is transmitted via radio. This method has a number of advantages and disadvantages. 


 • does not require expensive cables;

 • installation of equipment does not require a lot of time;

 • the cost of erection works dropping several times;

 • quick installation of additional equipment and transport. 


 • system is more vulnerable to sabotage;

 • the system is sensitive to radio interference;

 • different material constructions makes miscellaneous, poorly projected weakening of signal;

 • requires periodic replacement of batteries. 


Perhaps a combination of wired and wireless connection of detectors. Modern systems typically have a regime providing for finding owner inside an object with detectors, responsible for protecting the perimeter of the room. The owner can determine the required zone of protection. This mode is used to exclude penetration of an attacker inside the protected object when finding inside owner. 

       2.Our specialists are ready to provide services and to perform the following kinds of works:

 • 2.1. Check out the object. A survey object. Issuing recommendations for the protection of the object in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Define the tactics of protection

 • 2.2. Equipment selection

 • 2.3. Calculation of the cost of equipment

 • 2.4. Calculation of the cost of installation and commissioning

 • 2.5. Working papers for the production of papers

 • 2.6. Acquisition of equipment

 • 2.7. Erection works

 • 2.8. Carrying out of starting-up and adjustment works

 • 2.9. Preparation of as-built documentation

 • 2.10. Letting the user systems

 • 2.11. Briefing

 • 2.12. Survey of previously installed systems

 • 2.13. Recovery documentation on previously installed systems

 • 2.14. Repair of installed systems

 • 2.15. Modernization of installed systems

 • 2.16. Service systems

 • 2.17. Battery replacement

 • 2.18. Migrating a previously installed equipment 


Warranty work performed is one year