Installation, maintenance, repair, upgrading of access control systems

The access control system is designed to limit the movement of people and vehicles in the premises and territory, as well as to account for the moves.

A physical barrier impedes movement of outsiders. Management of electromechanical actuators is performed barrier. As a barrier may be doors, turnstile, gate. Electromechanical locking devices (doors, locks, turnstiles) are controlled by the controller. Home intercom devices, performs the function of controller and interface. In Office systems controller is installed separately. The controller can be connected in an Ethernet network, and manage multiple systems. The system can be installed in the server on which to store the customer database and records all transfers.

The simplest system is controlled by an electric impulse transmitted by cable. More complex systems have a network infrastructure and managed using commands transmitted over an Ethernet network. With the massive development of network technology, domestic steel access restriction systems are equipped with a network interface. Applying modern network technology allows you to manage systems from anywhere in the world. Actuating devices available, identification keys, video, sound, images, statistics, visits.

Access control systems have device identification. In the simplest systems identification is performed by voice or image itself premises. In more complex systems, identify the physical media information (electronic card, chip). Reading can be a contact and contactless (keyboard, card reader, biometric reader). 


When selecting access restriction system, attention should be drawn to the algorithm of the shut-off devices. Electromagnetic door holders when power outages do not work, the doors are open. Electromechanical latch on the contrary, will hold the door. Provision should be made for emergency opening gates and gate.


       Our specialists are ready to provide services and to perform the following kinds of works:

 • 1.1. Check out the object. A survey object. The issuing of recommendations in accordance with customer requirements. Choice of tactics work

 • 1.2. Equipment selection

 • 1.3. Calculation of the cost of equipment

 • 1.4. Calculation of the cost of installation and commissioning

 • 1.5. Working papers for the production of papers

 • 1.6. Acquisition of equipment

 • 1.7. Erection works

 • 1.8. Carrying out of starting-up and adjustment works

 • 1.9. Preparation of as-built documentation

 • 1.10. Letting the user systems

 • 1.11. Briefing

 • 1.12. Survey of previously installed systems

 • 1.13. Recovery documentation on previously installed systems

 • 1.14. Repair of installed systems

 • 1.15. Modernization of installed systems

 • 1.16. Service systems

 • 1.17. Migrating a previously installed equipment 


Warranty work performed is one year