Installation, maintenance, repair, modernization of management systems of household appliances (Smart House)

1. The concept of "Smart House" some Real Decreto 346/2011

The strategic objective of any developed society today is the construction of buildings with the greatest possible degree of environmental integration. In addition, specific measures should be considered, for the efficient use of energy.

Home automation tasks are security, access to multimedia content, comfort, managing multiple systems or distance learning, etc.

"Smart House" the place where, on the convergence of the infrastructure, equipment and services are served the needs of residents in terms of comfort, safety, energy saving and environmental integration, communication and access to multimedia content, distance learning and recreation.

To meet these needs, from "Smart House" requires a set of infrastructure and equipment in order to facilitate access to existing services. Infrastructure includes: line broadband access to connect devices and Residential Gateway (Gateway), which are elements that unite home networking and interacting with the external network broadband access.

For connecting computers, peripherals and consumer electronics devices, use a local area network (LAN) inside the House, and the Internet outside the home. Sensors and actuators necessary for the automation of various functions of housing were interlinked through network automation and control. The relationship between devices on different networks is achieved through gateways.

Various services are grouped into a group defined on the basis of an integrated approach.


"Smart House" offers its residents the services obtained through information and communication technologies in the field of communications, energy efficiency (energy conservation and diversification), security, environment control, interactive multimedia content access (for distance learning, recreation, television, etc.). These areas or groups of services can be defined as follows:


The main services of the "Smart House", which provides vehicle information, whether in the form of voice, data or images, between the user and the various devices


       Energy efficiency


"Smart House" has the potential to achieve significant energy savings compared to conventional House. It must be designed for the intelligent management of air conditioning and lighting. The system should regulate power consumption habits and the actual stay, the tenant's home.



The main services of the "Smart House", are controlled via the remote control. Housing security is carried out the invasion of water leakage, elimination of emergency situations. Any of these events is passed to the user or operator of the monitoring center.

       Control environment


Environmental management services, based on the technological systems that integrate different systems that use shared services home monitoring.

       Online access to multimedia content

In the "Smart House" must be accessible interactive content, text files, documents, images, Web pages, graphics and audio, used for the provision and transmission of information, usually through a website. It includes data, information and entertainment services provided by a variety of home users that can be delivered electronically or on physical media such as CDs, DVDs, tapes, books or other publications.

      Recreation and entertainment


Entertainment and recreation service allows people to use leisure time passively or interactively using multimedia content which can be accessed by the player/demo equipment. Such content can be found in the House or be obtained from external sources via broadband telecommunications infrastructure. The aim is to assist in the development of recreation and entertainment, information and functionality that provide multimedia digital devices. Smart House could decide and anticipate user needs by assisting in everyday tasks.

The "Smart House" services:




 • fire alarms and/or smoke

 • fire extinguishing system (if any)

 • inundated

 • burglar alarms

 • SOS alarm

 • access control: video intercom

 • access control: proximity cards

 • video surveillance


Control environment


 • presence simulation

 • is telemonitoring

 • automation and management of awnings and blinds

 • creating an environment

 • control temperature and air conditioning

 • diagnosis and remote maintenance


Energy efficiency 


 • control of electrical devices

 • management technique

 • irrigation management

 • water management

 • consumption monitoring

 • control of consumption

 • lighting control

Recreation and entertainment


 • radio (AM, FM, DAB)

 • digital TV

 • satellite/cable television

 • video on demand (VOD)

 • multimedia/Multiroom distribution

 • IP-TV

 • music Online

 • games Online



 • telephony

 • broadband Internet access

 • home network

 • IP-telephony

 • video telephony

Interactive multimedia content


 • tele-assistance

 • video

 • telework/tele

Equipment and levels of "Smart House"


For the House to be classified as a "Smart House" must include devices that provide a minimum number of services. It should be understood that many of the services will be possible provided that there are user contracts with a supplier, such as a broadband line.


In other cases, his position will be given solely to the existence of appropriate infrastructure and devices such as DTT reception. Some services are local in nature or may be used outside the home.

In addition:


"Smart House" must have adequate sewage and cable wiring.


Home Automation controllers must be connected to the electrical distribution equipment. To do this, on the main switchboard must be provided for the installation of meters and intermediate elements.

2. Compact actuators

Compact actuators are widely used in everyday life. Added the possibility to automate many household processes:


 • inclusion of lighting

 • opening curtains

 • inclusion of pumps, ventilation, air conditioning

 • opening doors

 • inclusion of home appliances


Ability to retrieve information from temperature sensors, water, smoke, lighting. All information received is processed by the microprocessor. Managed system with clear and easy-to-use interface. On the market there are a large number of systems from different manufacturers.


All systems can be classified:


Wired systems


Implementation of wired systems are at the stage of designing a House. During the construction of the necessary wire tab. At run time, finishing the installation of the actuators and controller. Facilities wired systems are obvious. But the cost of installing and maintaining such systems is high. The downside is just that it is not possible to foresee all the wishes of the owner, at the design stage, and modernization is associated with significant costs. Technologies and equipment become obsolete faster disproportionately home.

Wireless systems


In wireless systems, control of actuators via arranged. This provides the ability to upgrade the system at no additional cost.


Systems do not have access to the data transmission network


Such systems have their own controller, have remote control interface. The disadvantage is that the system can be managed locally.

The system of having access to the data transmission network

Such systems have their own controller, have the local management interface and have an interface for remote management via the Internet. Remote management can be accessed via a mobile phone.

System with controller, but managed through the processing center equipment manufacturer


Management via the processing center greatly facilitates the configuration of hardware. The system is ready for operation. Equipment management is carried out through the manufacturer's website, or through an application on the mobile device. Such systems are relatively inexpensive. The disadvantage is the need for continued inclusion on the Internet. In the absence of Internet connection, the program will not be run. The downside is the dependence of the health service of the manufacturer.


Home automation systems are managed through the Internet:


 • Automatic management of all actuators on the programmed algorithm you

 • Remotecontrolactuators

 • Remote change management programmed

 • Send to phone information on the State of the House (temperature, humidity, etc)

 • Send messages about accidents, spills and other emergencies

In addition to creating comfortable conditions for the introduction of automation systems is to save resources. The system promptly turns off the lights, close the drapes, and turn off the heating. Automatics system equipped with a special sensor will give you instant value and consumption of electricity consumption.

Autonomous control system consumers-Cheap control system of multiple execution units. Consist of a small controller or remote control. Actuators constructively fulfilled in the form of rosettes, lampshades. Allow you to write a small program to manage users. Used for automation of lighting and electrical consumers (heating, air conditioners, pumps).

Combined systems many home automation control system combined with the security system that increases the comfort of use of the system, but at the same time makes the system vulnerable.

3. Our specialists are ready to provide services and to perform the following kinds of works:

 • 3.1. Check out the object. A survey object. Issuing recommendations on equipment of premises control household appliances in accordance with customer requirements.

 • 3.2. Equipment selection

 • 3.3. Calculation of the cost of equipment

 • 3.4. Calculation of the cost of installation and commissioning

 • 3.5. Working papers for the production of papers

 • 3.6. Acquisition of equipment

 • 3.7. Erection works

 • 3.8. Carrying out of starting-up and adjustment works

 • 3.9. Preparation of as-built documentation

 • 3.10. Letting the user systems

 • 3.11. Briefing

 • 3.12. Survey of previously installed systems

 • 3.13. Recovery documentation on previously installed systems

 • 3.14. Repair of installed systems

 • 3.15. Modernization of installed systems

 • 3.16. Service systems

 • 3.17. Battery replacement

 • 3.18. Migrating a previously installed equipment

Warranty work performed is one year