About us

The new Signal is a group of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the design, construction and operation of communication and data transmission systems, video surveillance and security systems.

Experience of more than 20 years

Staff are qualified:

  • radio engineer
  • software engineer
  • engineer of automated systems of information processing and management
  • economist

Professional and technical potential of the company, rich experience in design and development of integrated information systems enable you to combine different levels of customer requests into a single entity, provide decision relevant not only customers, but also the relevant market trends. Thanks to the experience and profound knowledge of various technologies to develop customer projects is conducted quickly and with high precision and efficiency.


New Signal specialists possess profound theoretical knowledge and practical experience are:

  • protection of private property from criminal encroachment. Fluent in tactic use of technical means of protection and security. Ready to provide comprehensive practical assistance in assessing the technical strengthening and the vulnerability of any private property objects, to develop optimum tactics of protection. more than 500 installations alarm systems at the facilities of varying complexity from the private apartments to banks.
  • design and construction observation and monitoring systems. The experience and capacity to implement projects allowed monitoring systems from home, a few video cameras, to urban scale 'safe city'.
  • design, construction and operation of mobile data transmission standard LTE/WiMax. Realized projects mobile broadband systems in large cities. The number of base stations installed in one project reaches 83 pieces.
  • warning transmission systems and telemetry using radio systems. Dozens of projects are implemented messaging systems and radio telemetry.
  • planning, organization, construction and operation of radiocommunication systems. Implemented dozens of projects, from simple to complex systems of radial trunk. Realized projects of radio communication systems cover the longest highways. Realized projects of radio communication systems in the underground Metro.
  • organization, installation and servicing of large telephone exchanges. Installation projects of telephone stations Nortel Meridian option 11, 61, 81. Service is organized and ensured smooth operation of equipment of automatic telephone stations.
  • organization, installation and maintenance of systems for monitoring vehicles using GPS systems. Plenty of installation projects of monitoring systems at the service and a private car in quantity from 2 to 1000 cars.

New Signal specialists use highly reliable equipment of leading world producers.