Simple, reliable and inexpensive wireless security system with SMS notification

Using a normal SIM card with a positive balance, the X 500 when detecting the invasion sends notifications via SMS and voice calls. Requires no wiring. Has full control with a cell phone. Has a touch pad.

       Complete set

  • Touch-sensitive alarm system X 500 GSM/SMS/RFID, 1 PCs
  • Wireless PIR motion detector MD2300, 1 PCs
  • Wireless detector opening doors/Windows DS2300, 2 PCs
  • Wireless remote control RE2300, 2 PCs
  • RFID-label PR2600, 2 PCs

 The cost of installing 360

        Additionally can be equipped with:

  • Motion Detectors
  • Detectors of opening Windows, doors
  • Water Detectors, smoke, heat,
  • Wireless siren