PARADOX MG6250 reliable wireless security system with SMS notification

When detecting the invasion PARADOX MG6250 sends notifications via SMS and voice calls. StayD mode available, which allows to put under the protection of the perimeter if there are people inside the building. The reliability of the PARADOX can use MG6250 2-SIM cards of different operators.


  • Alarm system GSM/SMS/MG 6250, 1 PCs
  • Wireless PIR motion detector PMD75, 2 PCs
  • Wireless door/window opening detector DCT2, 2 PCs

The cost of installing € 840

       Additionally can be equipped with:

  • Motion Detectors, including street
  • Motion Detectors Street for perimeter protection (one 24-meter detector)
  • Detectors of opening Windows, doors
  • Smoke detectors, heat
  • Wireless siren
  • Module to connect to the Internet. For complete control of the system via the Internet.