High-quality eight-channel video surveillance system with a resolution of 2 MP

The system is designed for monitoring homes and small commercial buildings. Includes eight IP high definition camcorders. Available to view and backup image in HD 1080P (1920 x 1080) quality. 3TB Hard Disc is designed to store information of two to three weeks. Remote viewing is available on your phone.

       Complete set:

  • DVR 8CH 5MP DAHUA NVR4108-4P-1 PCs.
  • Cylindrical camera 2MP HD DAHUA-460-4 PCs.
  • Dome Camera 2MP HD DAHUA-457-4 PCs.
  • HDD-3TB-1 PCs.
  • Switch industrial CTD-481-4 PoE 10/100M-1 PCs.
  • UPS 650VA/360W-1 PCs.
  • Cable-500 meters
  • PVC Pipe, fasteners-300 meters

The cost of the equipment and installations will be € 3435

Specification is prepared for a rough estimate prices installation object. The cost of equipment and installation may be different as more and less will be finally determined at the design stage of your object.