Fixed city phone number of any country in your home

Services for the installation and connection of city phone numbers

Fixed city phone number of any country in your home. Rendering of services on installation and connection fixed city country phone numbers you need. 

Do you have international business with territorial distribution? Are You an employee with a remote workstation? Do You need national fixed city phone number For the convenience of your clients? 

The development of information technology allows you to have a number of national landline anywhere in the world. You have a possibility to use a landline phone with national number anywhere. Phone can be transferred to a new work place without replacing landlines. An important requirement is the availability of high-quality and stable connection to the Internet. 

       To do this you need to:

-purchase of fixed landline number in the interested town (in some countries it is necessary to present a document proving permanent residence)

-choose a suitable tariff plan

-purchase and install stationary equipment (SIP phone or gateway). Perhaps, just install the software on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. 

Connection services and acquisition of equipment available for any confident user of a personal computer.

The monthly payment for a fixed landline number ranges from 2 to 100 euros depending on the country, operator and tariff plan.

       Are you a busy person and don't have time to spare?

       We are ready to save your time and offer you the following services:

-selection of operator

-selection of the optimal tariff plan

-selection of the fixed phone numbers

-acquisition and execution of city phone numbers

-selection and purchase of equipment

-setting up and connecting equipment

-monthly receipt and payment of invoices, expense control

-assistance for connecting and configuring hardware

       Cost of services:

- maintaining your account and control costs will be 10 euro per month

- operator selection, selection of the optimal tariff plan, selection of city phone numbers, purchase and registration of fixed city phone number, selection and purchase of equipment, configuration and connection of the equipment-100 euros.