Billing and management system. Software solution for the last mile operators

A simple and reliable system for managing customers, designed for automated accounting of the prepaid period. At the end of the paid period, the system generates a warning and then blocking the connection.

       Composition and description of a software product:

  • performs authentication, authorization, accounting, using the RADIUS protocol
  • individual development of tariff plans
  • automatic blocking of service upon expiration of funds on the client's account
  • manual locking and unlocking client
  • NAS server management on the WEB interface
  • software written in languages PHP/javascript using the JQuery plugin datatables. The database is organized on the MySql DBMS

The cost of installing and configuring the 1500

        Additional options:

  • formation of any reports for the period of time
  • create personal cabinets customers
  • newsletter clients notifications about the end of the paid period and push lock
  • clustering
  • improving the resiliency of the NAS
  • replication and backup clients Database
  • association for territorial dispersed networks with a single operator control center
  • territorial separation of databases to increase system reliability